El Maiz de la Vida (1992)

Duration/Other Info Op. 3 {8'}
Description For Mezzo and Coloratura Soprano soloists
Premiere 23 October 1992 - Julie Robertson & Toshma Pickney, soloists, Holy Cross College Choir & St. James Chamber Orchestra - Worcester, Massachusetts
Awards Winner of the 1993 ASCAP Foundation Grant to Young Composers 1993 Botolph Foundation Artistic Grant 1993 Holy Cross Beethoven Prize
Notes A dramatic cantata depicting the Genesis of the races based on the Mayan Popol Vuh where the different races came from different colored corn. In the cantata, the Goddess Xmucane is presented by a coloratura and a mezzo soprano soloist depicting both of her heavenly and earthly qualities and the choir represents the response to her pleas for peace.
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